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The weather in South Tyrol

Friday, 15. December
Very cloudy
min: -2
max: 0°/5°
Weather conditions

A cold front will pass over the Alps in the morning.

The weather today

Partly sunny weather with some clouds.

Mountain weather

At first widespread snowfall, during the day sunshine.

Saturday, 16. December
Partly cloudy
min: -6
max: 2°/6°
Weather conditions

Northerly upper level flow will determine the weather conditions.

The weather tomorrow

Quite sunny weather with some harmless clouds. Along the main alpine crest increasing cloudiness. North foehn in the northern valleys.

Mountain weather

The clouds will increasing along the main alpine crest. On the southern parts sunny weather with some clouds passing during the course of the day. Decreasing temperatures.

Sun and clouds
Sunday, 17.12.
min: -11°
Monday, 18.12.
Cloudy, light snowfall
min: -13°
Tuesday, 19.12.
Partly cloudy
min: -11°
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